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My name is Alicia Lynagh and I am a Qualified Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. My previous roles included working in Financial Services and Retail and I also ran a successful Hypnotherapy practice in Dublin City Centre. Shortly after returning back to work after maternity leave, I decided to take a career break to dedicate my time and energy on raising our 3 young children. It was a while after the birth of my third child that I started to feel a little burnt out. I then discovered Meditation. It has changed my life forever.

After having established my daily meditation practice for over 1 year, I then went to London to meet my first meditation teacher, attending a 4 day live meditation training conference. I felt so passionate about the benefits of meditation on my life, I wanted to dive deeper and had a burning desire to share the gift of meditation with others.

This led me to embark on my meditation teacher training journey, with Master Dev OM, at the OM mindfulness meditation school. I hope to share the assortment of valuable techniques that I have learnt, which will make a positive difference on your life. I love learning and look forward to continually evolving on a life long journey of self discovery. I have always enjoyed working with people and look forward to assisting you on your self discovery journey.



I am passionate in my role as a Meditation teacher. It is my mission to provide people with a variety of different Mindfulness, Meditation and Breathwork techniques to help them create a life they love and to aid them in becoming self sufficient meditators. The idea is for people not to solely rely on meditation app’s or guided meditations, but for them to also learn to connect to the stillness and silence that lies within, and be comfortable in this process. Learn to live a simple life and go with the flow and not against it.


What has Meditation done for me?

- More energy
- More productive
- Less Stressed
- More clarity
- More at peace with myself and the world
- Better version of myself

Online Meditation Course - 6 weeks

This course is for people who want to learn how to meditate. We start off with the basics and over the duration of the course progress to more advanced techniques.

The objective of these classes is to help you become a self-sufficent meditator. This means you can meditate unaided, without a guided track or a phone app. You will explore a variety of different techniques that can be used to support the mind/body connection and promote health, healing and wellness.

By practicing these techniques, you will be able to achieve an inner state of peace and calm which will help you positively change your life. Some of the techiniques covered include:
- Mindfulness
- Breathwork
- Various Meditations
- Buddhist
- Mantra
- Nada
- Yogic
- Sufi
- Shiva
- Chakra healing work
- Humming & Chanting

Each of these techiniques focuses on intentionally training a persons attention and concentration.

More on Meditation

There are so many different explanations for What Meditation is. For me it is simply me taking time out for myself each day (twice a day). To sit and be with myself, in that silence and stillness and (Yes) with my thoughts. To go beyond my mind and to connect to my heart.

We are all human, we all have thoughts. The mind thinks involuntarily, just like the heart beats involuntarily. There is no magic swtich to turn off our thoughts. However, with the practice of Meditation we can learn to just witness our thoughts, not judge them and over time through an established Meditation practice you become the Master of your thoughts. You can learn to direct their flow.

Meditation is used to train the mind it is a learned skill like any other. An easy skill to learn once you practice. If you are looking for those Life Changing benefits you have to be consistent and put in the work and then you will start to see all the Amazing things Meditation can do for your life. The idea is to see Meditation as a gift not a chore.

This Ancient Practice can help people go deeper within themselves allowing them to connect and experience a profound sense of their true self.

Meditation is an intentional practice where you shift your external focus inwards to increase calmness, concentration and emotional balance. Meditation can have significant benefits for mental and physical health

Further Benefits of Meditation

- Reduce stress
- Increase energy levels
- Improve sleep
- Improve concentration
- Reduces inflammation
- Boost Immune system
- Increase productivity
- Eases anxiety
- Good for your heart

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Meditation Services & Classes

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Our Mindfulness and Meditation classes are suitable for all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or if you would like to deepen your meditation practice there is something for everyone with an assortment of different techniques delivered. Meditation is not a 1 size fits All. A technique one person may enjoy most another might prefer a different technique. My job is to share with you a variety of different techniques and you can take the one you like and leave the one you dont.

One on One sessions

Alicia offers private one on one meditation sessions customised to suit you. To book a private session please contact Alicia.

Did you know?

That it has been scientifically proven that if you meditate for 8 minutes per day for 30 days you change the neurological pathiways in your brain. For further fascinating evidence on the ways Meditation can change your brain click below:

Forbes article - Alice G Walton


Mindfulness means “Paying attention in a particular way, on purpose in the present moment, non judgementally”.
- Jon Kabat Zinn- Founder of Mindfulness

During a mindfulness practice you are focussed on the present moment. At this moment while you are in the ‘here and now’ you worry less about the past or the future.


Throughout Mindfulness and Meditation sessions and classes a variety of breathwork techniques will be used to improve mental, physical and spiritual well being. The breathwork practice will be used to help you experience a deeper sense of peace and more harmony in ones life. These techniques learned can then be applied to everyday life to calm your mind, release stress, anxiety and tension and improve sleep.

Bookings & Payment

Please note that this is a 2 step process. First, select the session that you wish to attend. After confirming your date, please wait a moment, and you will be re-directed to a payments page to pay for the class. Thank you.



meditation From the very first session with Alicia my mindset started to change. We did a 6 week course. She made me dance sober..which I hated but there was an element of fun in it. We chanted, we sat in silence.. I cant explain how I went from stress head to relaxed within those 6 weeks but I did. Alicia gave me the tools to keep my anxiety at bay and practising every day has made a huge difference in my day to day. I would highly recommend meditation but more so I would hugely recommend Alicia. meditation


I had a private one on one session with Alicia. I had meditated in the past but felt I could benefit from a session. Alicia's passion and enthusiasm for meditation are evident. I was intrigued by some of the techniques and left the session feeling very relaxed.


I have been attending Alicia’s meditation class for the past five weeks and I am delighted to say that I’m already feeling the benefits. I feel more relaxed and joyful each day. I love that in every class Alicia teaches you a new technique so that you have a range of tools to use and it also keep the practices fresh. Alicia has a lovely kind, warm personality which puts you at ease and it is evident that she puts a lot of work and effort into each class. I look forward to my class each week and hope to continue growing and benefiting from what I've learned. Thank you Alicia!


I have done a few different classes which incorporates meditation before joining Alicia's class but they have mainly just focused on guided meditations. Alicia classes are a whole other ball game, I think this is because she has a huge wealth of indepth knowledge and worldwide experience, which she shares through the classes and provides many notes and audio files also. I am learning how to meditate on my own, to choose techniques which suit me, along with many breathing exercises, using mantras etc. while also learning the origins and benefits. I am learning so much and hope to tailor practices which suit me. I am passing some of this knowledge to my 3 year old who actually starting telling me things he was grateful for (that happened that day) at the dinner table without me asking...which is amazing!. One of things which is nice about this class is that it's a positive happy vibe and I usually end up laughing at something silly we do.

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