Why should I meditate?

The benefits of meditation are mind blowing. This is a shortened version.

- Improved phyiscal and mental well being
- Reduced irritation, anger and frustration
- Improved focus and concentration
- Improved sleep
- Less stress, worry and anxiety
- Increase confidence, self worth and self esteem
- Inner peace, happiness and joy
- Lower heart rate and blood pressure
- Improve relationships
- Enhances the immune system
and many more.

Basically if you want to improve your life in one area or another i would say start meditating and see for yourself exactly why people Do meditate.

How do I start a meditation Practice?

Make meditation part of your daily habit. Set aside a portion of time each day to meditate. A meditation practice Does require ‘Practice’. Each time you meditate, set the intention that, that specific time is for meditation. One of the secrets to meditation, is not forcing or trying too hard to meditate. Just sit and allow it to happen naturally.

How should i sit when meditating?

The most important thing to remember when meditating is to make sure you are comfortable. If you are not comfortable, your time spent meditating will not be very plesant. You can sit on a mat, cushion or a chair. Your spine should be upright but relaxed. You should be in a comfortable but alert position, with shoulders relaxed. Hands can either be in your lap or resting on your knees or in a mudra position.

What if I can’t stop my mind thinking?

You are human. This is perfectly ok. Contrary to popular belief you are Not expected to have zero thoughts while meditating. Thoughts are not the enemy. During meditation we do Not to judge those thoughts. We simply witness them and allow them to move on. We try not to focus on them. Depending on what type of meditation you are doing, if you have a thought you allow yourself to see (or hear or feel it) and then you just bring your mind back to your breath or to the mantra etc. Again, this is why we practice daily because when you start out mastering this new skill can feel challenging but with regular practice it is something everyone can learn.

How long has meditation been around?

Meditation techniques can be found in Indian Scriptures dating back as far as 5000 years old. Meditation became popular in the West in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

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